Realization of high-peak-power short-pulse operation
by PCSELs with 2D arranged gain and loss sections

Realizing high-peak-power (tens to hundreds of watts or higher) short-pulse (tens of picoseconds or less) operation in semiconductor lasers is crucial for state-of-the-art applications including eye-safe high-resolution remote sensing and non-thermal ultrafine material processing.

We have proposed PCSELs that have two-dimensionally arranged gain and loss sections to enable high-peak-power short-pulse operation in the fundamental mode while suppressing lasing in higher-order modes to avoid laser instability.

On the basis of this concept, we experimentally realized a high peak power of ~20 W and a short pulse width of ~35 ps with an injection current of only 3-4 A using a 400-μm-diameter device and theoretically predict that even higher peak power (>300 W) can be achieved in a 1-mm-diameter device. Our results will contribute to the realization of next-generation laser sources for the aforementioned applications.

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Morita, R.; Inoue, T; Noda, S. et al. “Photonic-crystal lasers with two-dimensionally arranged gain and loss sections for high-peak-power short-pulse operation,” Nature Photonics (2021),