Application to lens-free LiDAR system

Comparison between the light source parts of LiDAR systems using a conventional laser and PCSELs are show below. In case when using conventional laser, a complicated lens system and fine adjustment are required to reform the beam pattern. Even though the beam is reformed via a lens with fine adjustments, due to the low beam quality, the resolution is found to be low. On the other hand, when using a PCSEL, a lens-free and adjustment-free, compact system can be constructed. Due to the high beam quality, a high resolution is possible.

Lens-free LiDAR Operation based on PCSEL

The operation of a lens-free LiDAR using PCSEL is show below. The ranging with a very high resolution has been successfully achieved using a lens-free PCSEL.


Miniaturization of LiDAR (1/3 in volume) utilizing lens-free functionality

Utilizing lens-free functionality of the PCSEL, we have developed a miniaturized high-resolution LiDAR.